Mission Boards

As we continue to help missionaries by providing the tools that they need, we are seeing many missionaries, possibly like yourself, that still have not decided upon a Missions Board or Agency. Missions Boards and Agencies are very beneficial and helpful to helping the missionary through deputation and while on the field. Think of it like your lifeline. Every Mission Board or Agency operates according to their own policies and procedures usually under the authority of a local new testament baptist church. ifbmt has had the privilege to make contact with many of these great Missions Boards and Agencies and would like to take the opportunity to make a few recommendations.

Missions Board Recommended by ifbmt

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

God placed His call on your life. You went forward and submitted to His call to a people in a place. You know Satan is blinding the minds of men on your field. You know you must get there.

You ask your Pastor, “How do we do this? What do we do first?” Your Pastor suggests it is time to look for a good missions agency. He may suggest you find a missions agency that understands our church and its missions needs. Inwardly you wonder, “Where do I start? How does this work? Then you think, it ought not to be so hard to find an agency who knows their role in serving my church in getting me to the field.

The Pastors and former missionaries that make up the leadership of World Wide, understand your dilemma . We have served on the field. We know what it is to send our own people to the field. We know how to assist your church to get you to the field.

Since 1971, World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions has assisted hundreds of churches in sending missionaries and their support to the field.

Contacting World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions means your search for a mission agency is over. You will never sense the frustration of how you are going to get from the altar of surrender to the field of service.

Choosing WW means you are choosing a church-led, pastor-governed missions agency that understands the needs of you and your sending church. We will serve you until the Lord returns.

When a church is ready to send their missionary to the mission field the missionary starts with:

  1. Download an application: http://HeCalled.me
  2. Schedule an interview.
  3. Go to the field.

Please click here to download an application. Or, call now to have your questions answered by our General Director, John O’Malley. 704-730-1440

With World Wide, you will not have to worry about your support getting to the field nor have to leave the field frustrated or ill-prepared. You will arrive to your mission field ready to serve from the first day.

The end of the frustration begins when you download the application or call us.