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Featuring an easy and centralized way to manage your deputation trail with Biblical foundations.


Create private or public events and display them on your calendar.


Support Management

Manage your needed, received, and promised support levels quickly and easily.

Mobile Ready

Developed for mobile first mentality to work on most all devices.



Embedded maps to help you easily locate and plan your trail.

Time is Money

Get the tools you need to help you get to the mission field faster.


Shared Data

Shared churches and contacts help keep contact information fresh and relevant.

ifbmt's Purpose. To help like faith missionaries.

The purpose of Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails (aka ifbmt) is to help like faith missionaries with an easy and centralized way to manage their deputation trail. This is based on the Biblical principle of stewardship which can be found in John 16:1-13. Jesus commended the unjust steward because he had done wisely. Keeping accurate records that can be passed down to our children's children (Pro. 13:22) will honour the Lord.

Being faithful is more than just being at the right place at the right time. Faithfulness is also having the knowledge and using that knowledge is wisdom. Decisions of missionaries should be based upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the facts that God has given us. The first fact is the King James Bible. God has already told us how to build our ministries and how to have the right kind of relationship with Him. Management decisions should be based upon knowledge. We are told in Psalms 78 that we should know the history of great things God has done, so that we will not forget about the works of God and keep his commandments. In Proverbs 15:28 we are told that the heart of the righteous studieth to answer and then in Colossians 4:6 we are told that our speech should always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that we may know how to answer every man.

Biblical Foundation

The heart of the righteous studieth to answer - Prov. 15:28. A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children - Prov. 13:22

Knowledge to Make Decisions

By using this application, missionaries will have knowledge with which to make accurate decisions, accurate records to testify to the glory of God, and wisdom to give quick and honest answers to every man.

Use Cases for ifbmt

How can ifbmt help you as a missionary?

Meet Mark

A new missionary that is just starting deputation.

Mark is fumbling around with the phone, calendar, notebook, and map all at the same time trying to best use the little time that he actually is able to reach a pastor and schedule a meeting. The pastor on the other end of the phone suggests a date and Mark frantically checks his calendar and map for where he will be directly before and after the meeting to not book himself in an impossible situation.

DROP THE MADNESS! Enter ifbmt! With ifbmt Mark has all the information he needs at his fingertips. He opens the QuickCalendar and easily sees his schedule in a monthly, weekly, or agenda view. He then picks the proposed meeting date and is presented with a map view of the surrounding meetings with the opened church marked on the map. Mark swipes over and opens the event form to quickly enter any notes with a start date and time and an end date and time. The church and contact information is attached already to the meeting. Upon saving the meeting an email is sent to himself confirming the meeting. After saving and viewing the event Mark is presented with the option to email the pastor (if an email address is on file) confirming the meeting schedule.

Meet Phillip

A pastor is giving Phillip the run around with no support.

Phillip called a pastor and is being given the run-around which could involve many different things from not supporting him for having too many children or because he did not graduate from a certain college. Phillip adds a low priority note with the broad information, (not a gossip session) and marks the public flag. Now any users who are about to call the pastor will receive some insight that Phillip gleaned to help make themselves better presentable or maybe not even waste their time.

Meet Sarah

Publicly announcing a camp meeting.

Sarah received a call back from a pastor whose name she barely remembers, she has called literally hundreds in the past two months... Instead of frantically searching for notes for who the pastor is and what church he is from Sarah looks up the pastor's name and quickly finds the pastor's information and all of her personal notes for the church. He informs Sarah of a camp meeting and offers her an invitation. Sarah follows the procedure and adds the conference as a public event. After booking the meeting, and she is back at the church information screen, she quickly adds a public note with high priority about the upcoming conference. Now all other users of the app can see the alert and try to book at the conference as well.

Meet Jim

A pastor just called Jim and canceled a meeting.

A canceled meeting. One of the missionaries most dreaded calls. Many thoughts are pouring through Jim's head with maybe even some discouragement and depression. With ifbmt, Jim can use the knowledge base to search for churches in the geographical location for his surrounding meetings and start calling and sending out emails immediately to fill the empty dates.

Affordable Pricing for Every Budget

As missionaries starting out on deputation may not even have enough money for fuel, some may not be able to afford a large upfront cost, however, there are some that have more financial freedom and start off with a larger financial backing to start deputation so the ends of the spectrum vary greatly. There is a need for a simple low start-up cost and a need for those who want to save 25% by paying for a 3-year deputation plan. Choose how much money you wish to save today!

Pricing Reduced!

After much consideration and counsel, we have reduced the monthly cost eliminating all discounts, and coupon codes and passing 100% of the savings to you. What you see is now the lowest possible pricing.


014 Days
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  • Access to over 12,000 churches
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14.99 Mo.
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Deputation Plan

399.993 years
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Our service web application can be viewed on any web-capable device. There is no need to download an app. Once your account is created, simply login and let us help you blaze a trail. With using ifbmt's services, we hope every missionary can reduce their deputation time and get to their field faster.

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